Budget Model Refinement

Budget Model Refinement

The Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget and the Office of Financial Planning and Analysis are currently spearheading a campus-wide review of the current budget model.  Our team has been meeting with senior leadership, School/College leadership teams, Academic Senate committees, faculty, staff and students throughout September and October to gather feedback related to the budget model. The documents on this page provide information related to the review process, including a list of potential refinements, the budget model presentation used in recent meetings/forums, the schedule for refinement and an overview of the budget process redesign. We have also included a link below to the 2017 General Academic Expenditure Study from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board which will serve as a guide as we begin to develop credit hour weightings for the budget model. Please reach out to us at should you have any questions regarding the documents below or about the review process.

Budget Model Tuition Distribution Summary

Chancellor Approved Budget Model Recommendations

Budget Model Recommendations to Chancellor

Budget Model Survey Results Summary

Academic Senate Response to Budget Model Refinement Document

Updated VCPB Budget Model Considerations Document (12/6/18)

VCPB Budget Model Considerations Document (9/17/18)

Budget Model Refinement Schedule

Budget Model Refinement Presentation 

University of Texas Credit Hour Weighting Example

Budget Process Refinement Overview

2017 New Budget Model Overview

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