Budget Process

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Do I need to participate in the Budget Process this year?

Yes, you need to participate in the Budget Process this year. With the new Rollover process consolidating cash balances to BC75, the main focus is for units to budget Rollover (carryforward) in other BCs if you anticipate the need to activate COAs for expenses starting July 1st. This involves creating a deficit in BC75 and offsetting it in other BCs. Remember, BC35 and BC36 are not consolidated to BC75. Save all your work, as anything done here will be part of your execution actions for FY25.

Perm Budget

The perm budget adjustment page is labeled as a December snapshot, but due to the late start, we've used the May 1st Perm Budget Data as a base and starting point. This year, there's no expectation for you to take action in this tab. Feel free to explore and provide feedback. None of this data will flow to execution.

Rollover Guidelines

When budgeting the rollover, if you don't see the COA you need to impact, similar to the control budget adjustment section in execution, you can add an adjustment row here.

All values created from the budget process will offset against your actual Rollover in FY25 execution. Overestimating your rollover will create a deficit in BC75 when the true rollover value is offset against the deficit you created. This can be corrected with a budget adjustment in execution in the new fiscal year.

Is the Budget Process Available?

The budget process is now open for units to budget Rollover balances. Additionally, InterOrg transfers can be made to move funding to Grad Division for awards in July and August. The inter-org transfer is not to send the full value- GradESS should still be used, but rather this is to only transfer a $1.00 action so that the detail codes are activated.  

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