Budget Forms Update - February 2022

Effective FY22, eForms is being decommissioned.  UCR expects to deploy a new financial system by July 2023 and this system will include a workflow component for Golden Trees Modification Requests as well as Sales and Service Application Requests.  In the interim and effective immediately, we ask all units to submit requests for each of these processes manually via the instructions below.  Feel free to contact the following individuals if you have any specific questions:

Golden Tree Modifications: Susana Salazar (susana.salazar@ucr.edu)

Sales & Service Applications: Jesse Ha (jesse.ha@ucr.edu)

Golden Trees Modification Forms

For single change requests, please complete the form below and obtain the required signatures. If you are requesting multiple or significant changes to your golden trees, they may be submitted via an excel spreadsheet (flexible format).  Samples are provided below.  All requests must be sent via email to budgetoffice@ucr.edu.

Once the budget office receives your request, the transaction will be initiated.  However, please note that the time in which FP&A approves your request and the time in which UCPath enters that change into payroll may vary.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Golden Tree Modification Request Form

Golden Tree Modification - Multiple Requests (includes example)

Sales & Services Application Forms

As stated in University policy, “generally, sales to a non-University customer should be considered a grant or contract, unless the sale is based on established unit prices, and like services or products are sold to other non-University customers or University department based on the same unit prices (allowing for the indirect cost differential charged to non-University customers).”

Per APM-020, “regulation 4 deals with services to individuals and organizations outside the University…Such service may be justified if it does not interfere with University commitments and if 1) it gives the individual experience and knowledge of value to his teaching or research; 2) it is suitable research through which the individual may make worthy contributions to knowledge; or 3) it is appropriate public service.”  Additionally, Regulation 4 states that “University laboratories, bureaus and facilities are not to be used for tests, studies, or investigations of a purely commercial character, such as mineral assays, determination of properties of materials, the performance of efficiencies of machines, analysis of soils, water, insecticides, fertilizers, feeds, fuels, and other material, statistical calculations, etc., except when it is shown conclusively that satisfactory facilities for such services do not exist elsewhere.”

Therefore, if there are to be sales to non-university customers, by completing [an] application you are certifying that this is not grant or contract activity, and that these goods or services are not available in the private sector. 

(**Interim Sales & Service application process until further notice**)

Applications for establishing a Sales & Service Fund can be submitted via an Excel spreadsheet form (link here). Please email your form and supporting document(s) to budgetoffice@ucr.edu.

  • Policies regarding the establishment and maintenance of Sales & Service Funds can be found HERE.