Budget Distribution Page Training

For more information on the Budget Distribution Page (BDP), make sure you have completed the prerequisite LMS Course, "Budget Distribution Page". 

Participants in the BDP Workshop asked questions regarding the BDP and watched a tutorial on how to use the system. 

For a guide on how to update an employee in an existing position, please click here

February Training Workshops
Workshop Name Thursday February 1st Tuesday February 6th Wednesday February 7th
Budget Distribution Page Training 9am to 11am 10am to 12pm 10am to 12pm, 1pm to 3pm

Recordings of Sessions

 Passcode: VrB#v9Ga

First Workshop Recording Second Workshop Recording

Third Workshop Recording

Fourth Workshop Recording

The Budget Distribution Page (BDP) serves as UCR's dedicated platform within UCPath for managing employee-specific details related to staffing and permanent budget designation. It's a distinct page separate from personal employee payroll information and plays a pivotal role in the organization's budgetary process.

In summary, the Budget Distribution Page (BDP) within UCPath stands as a dedicated platform for managing permanently budgeted positions and is critical in facilitating accurate staffing details feeding into the Oracle Budget system.

Download a copy of the adjustment calculator here.

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